I always felt throughout the process that Bella was fantastic at keeping me updated and ‘in the loop’ about any developments with the role or recruitment process. So often with recruiters once you are over the first few interview stages they can become a bit more distant as they take on new candidates for other roles and lose track – that was never the case with Bella. Despite it being a drawn out process she was fantastic at making sure I understood where we were at and managing my expectations, as well as building a great working relationship.

Prior to this I have come across many recruiters during employment searches and, to be honest, had not enjoyed the process as I often felt just like ‘the next candidate’ that they were just trying to work through. Bella was fantastic at building the professional relationship to make sure that I was the right fit for the role and organisation – which in turn gave me confidence about what sort of relationship she was building with PA Consulting as well.

Through the years my (many!) employment searches have brought me in to contact with many poor recruiters who do the sector a disservice – Bella is a great example for others to follow.