I came into contact with Kate last summer when I was looking for an HR Business Partner role in London. I'd met with a few consultants and was starting to feel a little disillusioned: many felt almost mechanical, and I didn't feel that any of them were truly engaged in helping me on my search. 

Kate was fantastic to work with from the start: she guided me through the different options available, and helped me to decide (and articulate!) exactly what it was that I was after. Things moved very quickly when I started speaking with Kate. She put me forward for a few roles that fit the bill and took time to help me prepare for the interviews, always making sure to follow up shortly afterwards. I felt I could be completely frank regarding my likes and dislikes, and when it came to progressing on an offer, Ireally felt that she had my corner. Kate kept in contact after placing me, checking in a couple of months after I'd started to see how I was getting on. Now that I'm starting to consider my options again, speaking to Kate is a no-brainer. She's brilliant fun to work with, and more importantly has been able to find me some great opportunities.