Ravinder, HR Assistant

I worked with Sarah at Digby Morgan as a candidate and found her to be really professional and approachable. Sarah took the time to listen and to understand my requirements and connected me with the right role for me. I would recommend Digby Morgan to anyone seeking new job opportunities.

Patrick Mullarkey, Business Learning Specialist, PA Consulting

I always felt throughout the process that Bella was fantastic at keeping me updated and ‘in the loop’ about any developments with the role or recruitment process. So often with recruiters once you are over the first few interview stages they can become a bit more distant as they take on new candidates for other roles and lose track – that was never the case with Bella. Despite it being a drawn out process she was fantastic at making sure I understood where we were at and managing my expectations, as well as building a great working relationship.

Prior to this I have come across many recruiters during employment searches and, to be honest, had not enjoyed the process as I often felt just like ‘the next candidate’ that they were just trying to work through. Bella was fantastic at building the professional relationship to make sure that I was the right fit for the role and organisation – which in turn gave me confidence about what sort of relationship she was building with PA Consulting as well.

Through the years my (many!) employment searches have brought me in to contact with many poor recruiters who do the sector a disservice – Bella is a great example for others to follow.

Corinne, HR Manager, Konecta

Tor was always positive, polite and friendly. He gave clear and professional advice and guidance that was well received, and he followed up when he said he would. He had the right balance of moving things along and not being too pushy, and is in my view quite naturally an exceptional Recruitment Consultant.

When the second interview format (and panel) differed to what I’d expected Tor was very apologetic and it seemed to be a surprise to him too. He didn’t appear to misinform in any respect and he also negotiated a more appropriate salary for me at the closing stage of the process; one that better matched the experience required and accountability of the role.

I’m really pleased with the service I received from Digby Morgan, and more specifically from Tor Clausen. I wouldn’t hesitate to use your services again in my next career move or to recommend you to other professionals seeking new opportunities. A breath of fresh air in the recruitment world and I ought to know having been a Recruitment Consultant myself a long time ago!!

Clement Alorvwornu, Payroll Manager, Career Legal

Tor is a very professional consultant, when I applied for the job advertised he called and explained the role in detail and walked me through updating my CV. He kept me posted through my interviews and was always calm in dealing with me. I did not feel like he was just after his commission but rather helping with my next career move.

Brian, Curo Compensation

I recently started work with Curo Compensation thanks to the great work of Digby Morgan and in particular, Kate Blunt. Kate initially recommended the role to me and throughout the recruitment process was helpful, communicative and proactive.  I always knew how the role was progressing and Kate was excellent at keeping me up to date. Kate helped me apply for a number of roles over the last few months and her work was consistently efficient. I would like to highlight how supportive and friendly Kate was in helping me with my job search and preparing me for interviews.

Natalie, HR Business Partner

I came into contact with Kate last summer when I was looking for an HR Business Partner role in London. I'd met with a few consultants and was starting to feel a little disillusioned: many felt almost mechanical, and I didn't feel that any of them were truly engaged in helping me on my search. 

Kate was fantastic to work with from the start: she guided me through the different options available, and helped me to decide (and articulate!) exactly what it was that I was after. Things moved very quickly when I started speaking with Kate. She put me forward for a few roles that fit the bill and took time to help me prepare for the interviews, always making sure to follow up shortly afterwards. I felt I could be completely frank regarding my likes and dislikes, and when it came to progressing on an offer, Ireally felt that she had my corner. Kate kept in contact after placing me, checking in a couple of months after I'd started to see how I was getting on. Now that I'm starting to consider my options again, speaking to Kate is a no-brainer. She's brilliant fun to work with, and more importantly has been able to find me some great opportunities.

Alice Burden, HR Administrator, Capsticks

Sarah contacted me about the role and from then on she was incredibly proactive and helpful.  She ensured the recruitment was quick and efficient, while providing regular updates and feedback.

I was very confident going into the interviews as Sarah had given me a really good idea of what to expect and had given advice on how to prepare. She was always just a phone call away if I had any questions.  

I am very thankful to Sarah as she has helped me secure a great job, and enabled me to begin my HR career! She is so lovely, and I am very happy I had the pleasure of working with her!