How AI is changing the game for recruiting

In 2018 automation is not a new consideration for human resources (HR) professionals. They've been piloting the introduction of robotics to workforce tools for a number of years. New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) may disrupt the HR field. With the increasing number of startups developing, AI software to reduce the burden of high-volume tasks like screening an initial applicant pool, shows the potential impact of this technology.

 This will save HR professional’s time, giving them much more time to focus on important decision-making, building a more robust workforce for companies.

The introduction of new technology to the workforce can sometimes be at odds with those who must adapt to it, AI recruiting has the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the HR department.

Startups developing AI software hope that these programs can help companies:

  - Redirect time to higher impact tasks
  - Standardise the job matching process to increase the quality of hire
  - Collect data to identify hiring trends and adjust tactics
  - Allow recruiters more time with final candidates to determine culture fit
  - Data spells success

Most AI tools are already accumulating interesting data – results show that candidates who pushed back on salary negotiations were more likely to leave that position before others who did not.

Early on successes with AI recruiting already show certain benefits however there are still obstacles to overcome. Data is one of the most vital parts of good AI, but preserving and storing all that information can be unmanageable and expensive.

AI and the human touch 

Another issue is that these algorithms might overlook a well-qualified candidate, although a human recruiter may be just as likely to make mistakes - it’s the mix of AI and the human touch that changes the recruitment game.

It's hard to deny new technology its place, especially when it has the potential to impact the standards of the HR hiring process. As with all technology, early adopters may find a few more issues to work out. However, when finding the best talent pool for a company, being on the cutting edge with a completely current set of workforce tools can often provide benefits that far outweigh the risk.

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