Five priceless skills learned from volunteering

Securing that all-important dream job requires a CV that sets you apart from the crowd. If you’re at the beginning of your career journey or have little experience within an organisation, it can be hard to demonstrate what unique skills you can bring to the table. That’s where volunteering can help you harness your hiring power. 

In addition to helping others and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience, volunteering opportunities are gaining increasing credibility with employers. Today we highlight the five top skills that will propel your CV and career forward courtesy of an overseas volunteering assignment.   

Leadership skills

Most organisations don’t make short-term hiring decisions when they’re recruiting for permanent positions. Whether you’re applying for a role in the public or private sector, employers always have their eyes peeled for future leaders. Volunteering gives people who are at an early stage of their career the opportunity to evidence leadership qualities.   


Communication skills

If your volunteering placement takes you overseas, expect to build communication skills that leave fellow job seekers green with envy. You’ll be liaising with multiple stakeholders and potentially communicating with individuals who speak little English. If you’ve written a blog or social media posts, it’s also a great way to showcase how you can create engaging content. 


For employers, culture equates to a significant slice of their hiring decision. Volunteering demands team players who work in unison to deliver results. You might be the glue that holds a team together or the person who inspires and motivates everyone to achieve success. It’s a CV skill that should never be underestimated.  


Project management skills

If you can’t plan, organise or prioritise before your volunteering assignment, expect to return a project management guru. You’ll be juggling multiple tasks and will need to manage your time effectively in order to hit important deadlines.   


Problem solving

If you can demonstrate to prospective employers that you can think on your feet, you’ll be one step ahead of other candidates. Expect your problem solving skills to be finely tuned if you’re working in a remote location with little resource available to you. It certainly gives you some memorable stories to share during the interview process too. 

If you’re aged 18 - 25 and you’re looking for a volunteering opportunity to help you secure a new suite of skills, the international citizen service could be able to help you boost your skillset.