recruiting HR leaders for fast growing companies

Employing an HR function during periods of accelerated growth may not be an obvious priority for company founders who are undertaking multiple responsibilities and working against the clock.

However, if start-ups want to stay afloat and deal with the pressures and challenges of moving towards the mainstream, founders should avoid taking shortcuts and begin thinking about employing an HR professional who can help facilitate growth whilst managing employee wellbeing.

Our guide to HR for fast growing businesses aims to provide entrepreneurs and company founders with practical and insightful advice on all aspects of HR recruitment. So if you’re company is expanding quickly and you’re unsure about how you should go about bringing in a suitable HR function, this will be essential reading.

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“For start-ups in particular, HR can be the way to hard-code your company culture and to instil the agile values and vision that has created the growth in the first place. To do this, you need HR professionals who have the entrepreneurial flair to partner the leadership team in the next stage of success.”

what's in the guide

  • We outline the common warning signs founders should look for when weighing up the need for an HR specialist.

  • During periods of accelerated growth, the company will need a specific kind of HR professional who can fulfil more than just a traditional HR role. We’ll tell you what to look for when recruiting.

  • We speak to a CEO who has successfully navigated periods of rapid expansion with the help of an effective specialised HR strategy.

  • HR in a fast moving environment should be flexible and multifaceted. From employer branding to shaping a company culture, we break down the tasks and responsibilities you will need HR to fulfil to ensure growth is structured and sustainable.