RocheMartin is a global leader in emotional intelligence and leadership development, and a trusted partner of Digby Morgan’s.

Dr Martyn Newman, Managing Director at RocheMartin, is a consultative psychologist himself. He works closely with Digby Morgan and Randstad to offer best practice insights designed to help us improve our workplace performance. We then employ his recommendations and disseminate his advice throughout our business.

In fact, RocheMartin’s innovative programs and tools are used by everyone in our business; from Directors and Executives through to front-line operational staff. Because we understand that emotional skills in the workplace matter.

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HR Partners

HR Partners is a well-respected and recognised leader in HR recruitment in Australia, and a long-standing partner of Digby Morgan’s. We work together internationally to help HR professionals looking for opportunities at home and overseas, utilising each other’s knowledge in our respective HR markets.

HR Partners has offices throughout Australia which only strengthens our combined global reach, and therefore our ability to fulfil the needs of our clients and candidates, wherever they are in the world.

Together, we share a common goal - to connect the best HR talent with the best HR opportunities in all of the markets we specialise in, globally.

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Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF)

(Minority) investments in HR technologies ensure future, innovative solutions to make processes more efficient and bring fresh answers to HR challenges. RIF's goal is to create an ecosystem where Randstad’s expertise complements entrepreneurial spirit and technological excellence.

Their aim is to find early-stage to expansion-stage companies that are strategically relevant to Randstad. With the goal to take minority participations preferably with venture capital funds or other professional and reputable investors. A typical investment is between € 0.5 and €5 million.

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Hot Spots Movement

The Future of Work Consortium is a membership organisation and global community of 90 of the world's most influential companies; all brought together by the Hot Spots Movement.

The Future of Work Consortium is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and collaborative forums for business leaders to exchange insights, best practice models and discuss any concerns about the future of employment.

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City HR Association

City HR Association was founded in 1973 and exists to provide HR best practice guidance and advice to organisations whose activities are directly involved in the financial services sector.

Digby Morgan has been a member of the City HR Association for a number of years and our consultants and management teams attend regular events and contribute to members forums to discuss and determine new ways to best service our candidates and clients within the financial services sector.

We know how important it is to be at the cutting edge of industry developments.

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Digby Morgan is a proud member of The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo); a professional body that has been representing professional recruiters since 1999.

This community exists to bring together all companies involved in the recruitment of professional talent. APSCo exists to encourage shared communication between companies and communities, and to offer specialist support to ensure all companies are equipped with the information and knowledge they need to be successful.

Our partnership with APSCo is seen as a trusted badge of quality, and it enables us to reassure our clients that the innovative range of services we offer have been designed by a team of recruitment experts.


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